Universal Truths
*People like to be successful with
their projects
Since 1990 when Creatures Featured
first opened to the public, our goal has
been to bring our customers the BEST.
We love to discover products (many that
aren't offered at the big box stores) and
provide healthy critters and plants
allowing our customers to achieve
whatever they wish.  
*Knowledge is Power*
If you stick with your hobby for any
length of time, you are going to learn new
Whether it's a Betta in a bowl or the koi
pond you've always dreamed about.  If you
are just trying to keep that tank in the
living room looking good, or have
undertaken to create a living reef.  We
can recommend from personal experience
the things you will need to make it happen,
and help interpret the things you
observe.  Books and magazines grace our
shelves and we offer free care sheets to
help launch new adventures smoothly.  The
more you learn about the fundamentals,
the more FUN and less frustrating things
will be.
*Stuff Happens*
Unplanned events occur, that's just the
way life is.  We have seen and heard a lot
over the years and are prepared to help
you get through just about any emergency.
Creatures Featured is your one-stop shop
for disaster planning and rescue
Exciting things happen in wet
What have you found to be true
no matter what?  Drop us an email
and let us know...
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